• ARCADIS® Orbic 3D, generation 3

The ARCADIS® Orbic 3D, generation 3, is designed for intra-operative use in spinal, orthopedic and trauma surgery.  The 3D imaging of the entire spine, bones and joints of the lower and upper extremities, the hips, as well as maxillio-facial applications, makes the 3d a very versatile solution.  See the area of interest in the axial, sagittal and coronal planes.  The Orbic 3D can be equipped with NaviLink 3D, the direct 3D navigation interface that allows the Orbic 3d to work with any Image Guided Solution including: Stryker, BrainLab and the Medtronic Stealth. Features include:

  • Intra-operative 3D imaging and direct 3D navigation

    Brilliant 1K2 image quality

  • Optimized clinical workflow
  • Isocentric design
  • Syngo®-based – the unique software platform
  • Comprehensive connectivity and specialized interfaces



The ARCADIS® Varic incorporates numerous unique to-the-point solutions. From image quality to operability, from versatility to efficiency, the groundbreaking features of ARCADIS Varic set new benchmarks – with outstanding functionalities that make excellent imaging a snap and an overall ergonomic concept that redefines your clinical workflow in many fields of practice. Features include:

  • Brilliant 1K2 image quality
  • User-friendly operation
  • Optimized clinical workflow
  • Reduced dosage for safety and efficiency
  • Syngo®-based – the unique software platform
  • Comprehensive connectivity and specialized interfaces




SIREMOBIL Compact L supports the spectrum of X-ray based applications in the OR such as orthopedics, trauma surgery and general surgery.  The Compact L is also the system of choice for all Pain Clinic applications. Features include:

  • Optimized clinical workflow and connectivity
  • High quality imaging
  • Powerful performance of a 1.4 kW generator
  • User-friendly operation
  • Clinical versatility
  • Reduced dosage for safety and efficiency




UROSKOP Omnia MAX lets you see the big picture in urology. Thanks to the completely new dynamic flat detector technology with large field of view, UROSKOP Omnia MAX allows you to cover the entire KUB tract with only one single shot. For you this translates into precious time savings during a procedure. For your patients, this means less X-ray, as there is only one image instead of several. Features include:

  • Real KUB imaging in one single 17″x17″ shot
  • Truly unrestrictive patient access to table from all four sides
  • Excellent interface capabilities
  • Support of a variety of non-urological clinical applications
  • Freely programmable table height and ergonomic control
  • Table height range of 28″ to 42″
  • Comprehensive workstation functionality


Cios Alpha


The first mobile C-arm to use Full View FD technology and the Retina Imaging Chain with IDEAL dose reduction: Cios Alpha covers the needs of all relevant clinical disciplines, opening up new possibilities in surgical imaging. Features include:

  • Full View FD: Outstanding image quality and up to 25% more coverage even during image rotation
  • Retina Imaging Chain with IDEAL dose reduction: High-quality images at very low dose
  • One of the most powerful 25 kW C-arms for increased imaging and advanced functioning
  • Ease of use: Full table-side control and single-touch positioning for effortless operability
  • Vascular workflow: Fully integrated vascular support, featuring unique live graphic overlay

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