• Smart Release ECTR

  • The Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR) system features a pistol-grip aluminum handpiece with a top-mounted turn-latch, which enables blade rotation for ambidextrous use. The ECTR features a 2.9mm posteriorly attaching endoscope as well as a disposable blade assembly with a retractable, vertically rising blade. This tool allows for single entry carpal tunnel release at the base of the hand, minimizing invasiveness and post-operative pain. The system may also include small and medium dilators, a synovium elevator, and a blade coequal for pre-operative prep.
  • SmartRelease ECTR


  • SmartDriver

  • One of the most versatile operative power tools, the SmartDriver comes in a variety of forms – 1) The SmartDriver DUO, a dual-trigger, cordless handpiece that runs on the unique, long-lasting Nickel Metal Hydride battery, 2) The Dual-Trigger Electric SmartDriver DUO e, an electrically powered handpiece, and 3) the Pneumatic SmartDriver, an air-powered handpiece. All models feature an aluminum pistol grip designed for optimal comfort and control during use. The SmartDriver series functions primarily for pin-driving and wire-driving but can also be used for high-torque drilling, light reaming, sawing and pulse lavage.

SmartDriver DUOe

SmartDriver DUO



  • Series 5000

  • This series is designed for optimal performance for small-bone procedures and features a variety of instruments. The Solo Driver is the smallest wire driver with the widest range of wire sizes. It features a pistol-grip aluminum body with fingertip control for forward, reverse and oscillating functioning. The Electric Motor Handpiece features an aluminum, screwdriver-grip handpiece with a hand throttle designed for precision and maneuverability. This model is also available as the Pneumatic Motor Handpiece, a practically identical instrument that instead is air-powered. The series also includes the air-powered Pencil Grip Wire Driver, a 1.6mm wire driver, as well as the air-powered Impactor Power Osteotome, a screwdriver-grip pulse blade instrument for bone sculpting and shaving.

Pencil Grip Wire Driver and SoloDriver (right)


Pneumatic Motor Handpiece

Impactor Power Osteotome


  • Series 7000

  • This series features a number of pneumatic and Nickel Metal Hydride battery powered handheld instruments for large bone procedures. They are designed for powerful and precise reaming, sawing and drilling, all featuring the pistol-grip aluminum handpieces for maximum comfort and control. The pneumatic line of instruments features a Drill/Reamer, an Oscillating Saw and a Reciprocating Saw. The drill operates at 750 rpm, while the reamer speed for the same instrument is 250 rpm. The oscillating saw has a 12-position rotating head that runs at 13,000 cpm. the reciprocating saw offers 360° blade rotation, running at a speed of 14,000 cpm with a 3.2 mm blade stroke. We also offer a cordless line of these same instruments, which are powered by the long-lasting Nickel Metal Hydride battery. Also offered in the line of cordless power instruments is the Sternum Saw, which features a 9.4 mm wide, 34 mm long saw blade. The instrument allows for adjustable blade positing for inferior or superior sternotomy approaches.

Drill/Reamer, Oscillating Saw and Reciprocating Saw (left to right)

Cordless Sternum Saw


  • Pulse Lavage

  • AMT offers two pulse lavage systems from MicroAire – the fully-disposable and the semi disposable pulse lavage systems. Both instruments are specially crafted for total joint procedures, with concurrent spray and suction functions. The semi-disposable model is designed for larger procedures, such as knee and hip arthroplasty, as well as trauma/wound debridement. This model features the signature MicroAire aluminum handpiece with a disposable plastic model.

Fully Disposable (top) and Semi-Disposable (bottom) Pulse Lavage Systems

  • Power Console

  • The Electric Instrument Control console allows users to run two power tools simultaneously, as well as monitor power and speed of instrument functioning via an intuitive touchscreen user interface. The power console features an irrigation pump as well as an electric foot pedal control.

Power Console


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