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    New FDA Approved Family of C-Arms!

    New FDA Approved Family of C-Arms!





    MicroAire has become one of the leading manufacturers of orthopedic power instruments with commitment to quality, performance, reliability and service. MicroAire also offers specialized instruments such as the Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release System (ECTR). Here at Advanced Medical Technologies, we provide our clients with such state-of-the-art, handheld surgical instruments for increased efficiency, safety and satisfaction during surgical interventions.


    From image quality to operability, from versatility to efficiency, the Siemens mobile C-arm products continue to set new benchmarks and greatly contribute to excellent precision in the OR and pain clinics. At AMT, we offer some of the finest X-ray imaging products on the market, including models such as the ARCADIS®, the SIREMOBIL, the UROSKOP and the Cios.

    We offer a wide product line of mobile and fixed carbon fiber imaging tables, monitor suspension systems, radiation shields, and table accessories. Representing a range of various producers, our line of surgical tables includes multipurpose tables, urology and gynecology tables and vascular intervention tables with four-way floating. We also offer the MDS (medical display system) from Image Diagnostics Inc, allowing for superior table-side medical imaging.

    About Us

    What is AMT?


    Advanced Medical Technologies is the number one supplier of C-arms and Urology Suite solutions in our geography. Specifically, we serve the Midwest area of Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas City, as well as Pennsylvania. We provide some of the best known products in their categories for our customers, which include hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, clinics and physician offices. Our expert team specializes in providing superior service and knowledge of all our products and prides itself on continued expertise, service and support for clients both pre- and post-sale.

    Originally founded in 1998, Ohio Valley Surgical merged with Advanced Medical Technologies in 2013. Our corporate headquarters is located in Louisville, Kentucky.


    Call us or send us an email to schedule a call with an AMT director.

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    Sales & Support

    Sales & Support

    AMT provides medical device sales, technical training and support for medical companies that seek a comprehensive distribution and sales network in the health & medical space.

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    Contact Us

    Call or send email to schedule a call with Advanced Medical Technologies.

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